Information Technologies

We bring a wide portfolio of courses in the field of information (digital) technologies to our clients. Our strengths include individual approach and flexibility in meeting the educational needs of clients (customizable scope and content of courses, creation of customized courses, combination of educational activities and certification, combination of traditional courses and e-learning, etc.).

We offer organization of educational activities anywhere in the territory of Slovakia thanks to a wide network of our modern classrooms, partners and mobile classrooms. Courses are covered by high-class team of experts, lecturers and project managers with professional experience.

Our education activities are connected with preparation for certification exams. We design them as a preparation to master certification exams that participants can attend directly in our authorized testing centre.

We have experience in providing accredited education activities in lifelong learning and continuous training of educational workers.


Courses for IT Users

Fields of Courses:

  • Working with Microsoft Office suite (current version)
  • Preparatory courses for ECDL and Microsoft Office Specialist certification
  • Internet jobs, electronic services (e-mail, search engine services, social networking, instant messaging)
  • Controlling Microsoft Windows operating systems (current version)
  • Software tools for project management support: Microsoft Project
  • Rudiments of working with graphics, Adobe and Corel applications, web design


Courses for IT Specialists

Fields of Courses:

  • Cisco networking technologies at the level of Cisco certification: routing and switching, security, voice, Wi-Fi, troubleshooting
  • System administration of Linux, Windows Server and other systems
  • Development and database tools


We will be glad to provide you with more information concerning courses based on your demand.