Project Proposal Preparation

We are able to prepare the project proposal for EU structural funds or other additional and grant resources. We know from experience that the project quality is an important condition to a large extent in order to succeed with evaluation of submitted project proposals.

To design a quality project requires sufficient experience in project development, time, qualified human potential and naturally an overview relating to a variety of information in this field. Based on many years of experience, we are able to professionally support you during preparation and implementation of your project plans.

We provide the following services within the frame of project plan preparation:

  • processing the necessary analyses and studies (feasibility study, financial analysis, cost-benefit analysis, education needs analysis, demand analysis, economic analysis, marketing studies, etc.),
  • identification of the possibilities of using EU funds, revision of the eligibility of the applicants,
  • project timetable development,
  • revision of the eligibility of the proposed activities,
  • preparation of the project design into a form of project proposal according to the tender/programme demands,
  • identification of the eligible and ineligible project costs, project co-financing solutions, processing the project budget,
  • inspection and completion of required attachments and related documents of the project design,
  • formal correctness inspection prior to submission of the project proposal,
  • communication with the respective managing authority (Ministry), or implementing agency,
  • assistance with document amendments requested by managing authority additionally,
  • proposal for incorporating the necessary changes in the submitted project.