Microsoft IT Academy

Programme Introduction

Microsoft IT Academy Programme supports the schools to enable the students to explore the potential for their future career by means of high quality education programs and opportunities, and via acquired certificates such as Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA), Adobe Certified Associate (ACA), or (IC3) to distinguish themselves from other school graduates.

The programme wants to act as a bridge between the school and practice. Schools and educational institutions are looking for students, high-class teachers and, last but not least, a place in the community. Students require practical education and realistic preparation for application in working lives of their schools and teachers. On the other side of the bridge, there are employers looking for prepared and capable employees. Currently, young people are naturally expected to have a certain level of IT skills as they enter the labour market.

The school can be profiled as a technology leader in its region offering the world education standard by means of participation in the programme. Microsoft IT Academy Programme provides the following opportunities for participating schools:

  • Educational process enhancement and improvement in the direction of its adaptation to contemporary trends in information and communication technologies
  • To improve the qualification of teaching and lecturing team
  • To improve the equipment of IT labs with the latest versions of Microsoft software (according to membership level)
  • To increase the school attractiveness in the community and thus attract the future students, potential sponsors and supporters of the school
  • To gain access to the exclusive member portal on the internet, educational materials (textbooks, training kits, etc.) with a significant discount, budget-priced courses and discounts for certification participants - MOS and MTA under the benefits of the programme

For more information on the programme including the membership conditions, please visit the official website of the programme


Programme Benefits

Programme allows schools to provide courses that acquire professional knowledge in the field of operating systems, servers, networks and development tools using the latest Microsoft technologies. Students are prepared for entering the labour market, gain IT certification or preparation for higher education.

Schools involved in the programme are provided with the following membership benefits:

  • Certification for teachers and students:
    • 10 vouchers for MOS exams,
    • 10 vouchers for MTA exams
    • 10 vouchers for free MCE exams
  • Certiport testing centre establishment directly at school is cost free – providing MOS, MTA, MCE, Adobe ACA, IC3 certification exams
  • E-learning
  • Syllabuses
  • Methodologies (lessons and projects)
  • 100 licenses for software according at the choice:
    • Windows 7,
    • Windows 8,
    • MS Office Pro Plus 2010/2013


Membership Options

Schools can get involved in several ways:

  • Membership via Direct model purchase: we can assist you with this option
  • Membership via Volume Licensing Programme: you can find additional information at the official website of the programme

We offer support for the programme registration via Direct model purchase.
Support includes the following services:

  • Assistance with the programme registration including support for membership fee payment (allowing domestic payment transfer instead of default foreign payment transfer)
  • Orientation in the Programme, Conditions and Benefits
  • Support for Membership Benefits application


Membership Rate

Programme membership lasts 12 calendar months following the month after registration into the programme.

The membership fee is 1386 € including VAT (when ordering with us).
Our additional charge for local support is 60 € including VAT.

Microsoft tends to offer membership fee discounts, especially in the case of membership renewal in the next year.


Registration Procedure

  1. Learn about the programme, its terms and benefits. We will be glad to answer any questions concerning the programme.
  2. Complete the registration form and send it by email to
  3. The registration form is available for download here (doc).
  4. We will send the invoice containing membership fee and local support fee to your school address.
  5. You become a programme member after the settlement of the invoice.
  6. You will also get access to a global member portal of the programme to use the benefits (software, e-learning access, etc.).

This procedure applies if you are interested in direct membership purchase via our company.