We offer all internationally recognized certification in the field of information technologies, starting with essentials such as ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence), to industrial certification for IT specialists developed by reputable companies (Microsoft, Cisco, HP, IBM, Oracle, Sun, etc.). We also offer Eco-C® European management certificate as a management and soft skills' certification.

Certification is the process of verifying knowledge guaranteed and designated by international certification authorities. Acquired certificate verifies the knowledge and skills achieved in the given field and may have variable validity (national, European, world-wide; unrestricted, or time-limited, etc.). Therefore, companies and organizations trust these certificates and require them from their employees, partners, suppliers, or potential candidates as a guarantee of their knowledge.

Thanks to specialized courses we will help you prepare to master the selected certification exams. The content and scope of course is adjusted accordingly so you successfully master certification exam. For more information, please contact us.

Available Certification Exams

The list of certification exams which can be completed in our testing centre (click on the agency/certification name to open the list of available exams):


Further details are available based on your demand. You can contact us by email at certifikacie@elct.sk.

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